Are HVAC Service Contracts Worth it?

Have you ever wondered if purchasing HVAC service contracts are worth it?

Maybe you just replaced your entire HVAC system a few years ago, and now your AC is making strange noises. Or, your system has shutdown altogether when it’s hot outside? Maybe it’s fall or spring in the Houston, Texas area when it could be hot and cold all in the same day! Regardless, you want a system that works when you need it.

Introduction to HVAC Service Contracts

hvac service contracts allow hvac technicians to preschedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system

HVAC service contracts allow AC technicians to preschedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system.

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Our data shows that 85% of customers who properly maintain their equipment rarely have a breakdown. If you are someone who likes to keep your HVAC equipment working at peak efficiency and rarely have breakdowns, then a scheduled maintenance plan may be right for you.

HVAC service contracts generally refer to scheduled maintenance which is recommended twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. This allows a licensed HVAC technician to inspect, service and maintain your air conditioning and heating system ahead of times when your equipment is pushed to its limit.

Keeping tabs on your HVAC system’s health gives you peace of mind, and many HVAC companies will also give their HVAC service contract holders priority service. We do that here at Terry’s A/C & Heating, too.

Extended Service Plan

An HVAC Service Contract to cover the cost of labor – a labor warranty or extended service plan – is often purchased through a third party that has been endorsed by a manufacturer like Carrier, and covers the cost of labor to replace any parts or equipment that are under a factory warranty.

Terry’s A/C & Heating includes an extended service plan which covers the cost of labor on any repairs that need to be made under warranty for 5 years. Customers who wish to extend that protection to 10 years have that option at the time of initial purchase.

An HVAC service contract that makes scheduled maintenance easier is often a smart buy. It helps AC companies like ours plan their resources in the fall and spring, so we are able to get to all the customers who need HVAC tune ups, also called heater checks and AC checks, before the actual heat or cold set in.

What Does an HVAC Service Contract Cover?

HVAC service contracts cover preventive maintenance, including labor (but not parts). They sometimes may offer priority service and discounts on parts and equipment.

Though some contracts spell out all the individual items covered during regular maintenance, the following are the broad categories commonly found on HVAC service contracts.

  • Labor — including annual maintenance, cleaning
  • Minor Parts — ranging from screws, fuses, etc.
  • Supplies — such as lubricants and solvents
  • Major parts are often not included. Pro Tip: They are sometimes offered at a discount to service contract holders.
  • Emergency service calls (often the emergency service fee will be waived if it is needed and available.)

HVAC contracts are often purchased in advance. Our team we will enter you into our dispatching system at the time of purchase. This means that we will contact you in the fall and spring when it is time to maintain your equipment. It is like putting the maintenance of your HVAC equipment on autopilot.

Before signing on to a service contract for scheduled maintenance, look back and see what expenses you have had in the last year or two related to your air conditioning and heating system.

Most HVAC companies encourage prepaid contracts because it helps them plan ahead, but you can always ask if you can “pay as you go.” You might also ask if the salesperson receives a commission from the sale. Here at Terry’s A/C & Heating, we don’t work on commission.

The Benefits of HVAC Service Contracts

Perhaps the most significant benefit to having an HVAC repair service contract is peace of mind. We often recommend HVAC service contracts for maintenance because it is the single largest factor to avoid emergency breakdowns.

Are you someone who habitually loses track of important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries? If so, how likely are you to remember when you’re due for a bi-annual HVAC inspection? Schedule ahead, knowing you’ve already paid for them.

What a relief to know your system has checked out OK, and you don’t need to worry about sudden breakdowns due to wear and tear.

As long as you know what to look for in an HVAC service contract and see one that meets your needs, why not go with it? Especially if the commitment is only for one year? It might end up being one of your wisest decisions.

When It Comes to HVAC Service Contracts, We’re the “Good Guys”

We’re actually quite proud of the HVAC service contract we offer. It’s called the Peace of Mind Protection Program, and just like the name it is designed to be an HVAC service contract that ensures your HVAC equipment doesn’t fail when you need it most.

Our scheduled maintenance checks happen twice a year, not just once. We get your heater ready for the winter in the fall and we get your air conditioner ready for the summer in the spring.

We also offer certain benefits with our HVAC service contracts, including monthly payment plans, appointment reminders, and preferred pricing adjustment on most parts, repairs, accessories, and new system installations.

We all know that regular HVAC maintenance is essential to a system’s longevity and functioning. So we hope you’ll consider our HVAC service contract. Let us be your home comfort concierge and make it easy to keep your HVAC system in tip top shape.

If you have questions about this program, want to schedule a repair or need some advice, contact Rob and Kenny at Terry’s A/C & Heating at (281) 495-7830 and learn about what our customers have to say about our work. We would be honored to earn your business and be your long-term HVAC partner.