Ductless HVAC System

 If your home is older or you have an upstairs bedroom that doesn’t get quite enough air, a Ductless HVAC System can be a lifesaver in the summer (or the winter). Let the Comfort Professionals at Terry’s A/C and Heating help you weigh the advantages of a Ductless System for your home. These handy, compact systems have a number of selling points:

Energy Efficient – You can get an air conditioning-only or a heat pump model that offers both air conditioning and heating in one compact package. Though efficiency ratings vary based on the equipment you choose, air conditioning SEER ratings can be up to 30 and 12 for HSPF, which rates heat performance.

Versatile – Throw out your old window unit and mount a ductless unit high on your wall. It’s quiet and it sips, rather than guzzles energy. There are a number of configurations that are possible depending on your space requirements. No ducts required, no ducts to clean or maintain! And best of all, most units come with a remote control, so you can adjust the temperature while lounging on your couch or in bed.

Quick Installation – Save money versus installing or renovating a Central Air HVAC system. It’s a perfect solution for a targeted zone or area in your home and you’ll have that cool or warm room sooner than you think. There is less equipment to install – generally a small unit outside plus a unit discreetly mounted high on the wall.

We have been installing Ductless Mini-Splits, since before they became popular and we are huge fans of how quiet, energy efficient, and environmentally-friendly they are. Contact us today to learn more about these innovative systems and why they are a smart alternative for older homes and rooms that need a little extra air. Find out more about why customers choose Terry’s A/C and Heating year after year, and learn more about air conditioning and heating frequently asked questions that we often receive.