Air Conditioning Balancing

Do you have a larger-than-expected energy bill? Or are there spaces in your commercial building that are too cold or too warm? These situations may indicate a need for your air conditioning system to be balanced. Terry’s A/C & Heating can help you solve your ventilation and airflow issues to keep your HVAC system operating at top efficiency for everyone’s comfort.

To begin, we listen to what symptoms you are experiencing. Then we move on to measure airflow, including temperature, humidity levels, and air quality. From the calculations we gather, the following are common things we may adjust to balance the airflow serving all of your indoor rooms:

  • Seal any duct leaks (A very common culprit!)
  • Add return ducts and grill (Many times they are the incorrect size.)
  • Alter filtration to create more airflow (When was the last time the filter was replaced?)
  • Adjust fan speeds
  • Clean the evaporator coil (especially important!)
  • Recharge refrigerant in the system

After we alter the ventilation to your light commercial HVAC system, we check it again to be sure that the effects of the alterations have the desired effect on airflow. Several adjustments may be necessary. Contact our certified, experienced HVAC technicians for our best advice to correct ventilation problems in your commercial building. We work on air conditioning systems (15 tons or less) which are common for most retail establishments, office condos, one-story office buildings, restaurants, and clinics. Find out what our customers have to say about our work and what makes us different from other contractors. If you’re located in Southwest Houston and Fort Bend County, give us a call – we would love to earn your business.

Photo source: Shutterstock