Air Delivery Systems

Rex Terry fixing ductwork part of a home's air delivery system.Air delivery systems circulate conditioned air throughout your home. If you’re like most people, we like our air cold in the summer and toasty warm in the winter. Many homes in our area have central air conditioning and heat which typically involves ductwork in the attic and vents in the ceiling or walls to deliver cooled or warmed air throughout your home.

Common Repairs for Air Delivery Systems

If your system isn’t cooling all your rooms adequately, we often examine the ductwork for leaks since it is one of the most common areas to lose efficiency. Find out more ways we eliminate hotspots at home to fix rooms that aren’t the right temperature.

Many times, we find that ducts may or may not have been installed correctly. If they are undersized, it can make your system noisier or more inefficient than it should be. And an inefficient system can wear out your system earlier.

We can also look at balancing your system, evaluating the airflow throughout the system and adjusting the blowers.

If there are filters that are clogged, we can replace those to improve airflow. Clogged air filters will cause the air conditioner to work too hard or stop working altogether.

Another solution that can help is taking a look at the air vents throughout your home and see they are positioned correctly and are the correct size. Retrofitting ducts is not always an option, but many times adjustments can be made to make air flow work better. Of course, a ductless air conditioner can be a quick solution for that impossible second-floor room that just won’t cool properly.

Indoor Air Quality

Ductwork typically is the place where the air purifiers can be installed to filter the air throughout your home for your family’s health and well-being. Air cleaners also extend the life of your system, too. It’s a win-win. Learn more about the different air cleaning accessories you can add to your HVAC system and some of the indoor air quality systems available.

Energy Efficiency

Some of the more advanced HVAC units that have fans that operate at variable speeds and multi-speeds can be zoned to cool or heat different areas of your home. By employing today’s sophisticated smart thermostats, you can use less of your HVAC system’s capacity depending on which areas of the home you are using, saving energy and money as you go. This flexibility and versatility can make it less expensive to operate your system all year long.

Give Terry’s A/C and Heating a call to learn more about how we can help you install or repair common problems with your air delivery system, how we can help you with an air purification system to say goodbye to allergens, mold, and viruses, and how to get the most efficiency out of the HVAC system you have. We know you have a choice when choosing an a/c and heating contractor and we would be honored to have the chance to earn your business. Learn more about what our customers say and what makes us different from the crowd.