Home Inspections

For Realtors working with homeowners selling a property or those wishing to purchasing a property, Terry’s A/C & Heating offers a home inspection package to assess a home’s HVAC system. We can provide a comprehensive inspection, looking at both indoor and outdoor equipment, to determine its efficiency, overall working condition, and give advice about what repairs may be in its future. Because of Houston’s hot summers, a home’s investment in its HVAC system can be particularly important, especially if you have elderly family members, family members with medical conditions, and for the very young.

Benefits to Sellers – An HVAC inspection can help you prioritize any maintenance or repair issues your HVAC system may have, presenting you with choices and solutions before your home even goes on the market. Once more, it can be a feather in your cap that you can use as a selling point when marketing your home to potential buyers. Buyers who have experienced one or many of Houston’s famously hot and humid summers definitely look closely at the air conditioning system!

Benefits to Purchasers – A standard home inspection that realtors and potential buyers order as part of putting in an offer on a home doesn’t go into the kind of detail on the air conditioning and heating system that we do. We focus on the ins and outs of every piece of equipment – from the indoor furnace and air handling system to the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump, the drain lines, power supply, and even the installation of the system. Sometimes repairs may be needed or a larger upcoming system replacement may be on the horizon. Either way, this information can be very helpful when negotiating a purchase agreement.

We aim to answer the following questions and any others you have:

  • How is the system performing overall?
  • Are there temperature fluctuations in different areas of the house?
  • How old is the unit? Is it or any of its parts under warranty?
  • Was the system installed properly and has it been properly maintained?
  • What does the air quality look like in the home?
  • How are the air delivery systems (ductwork and vents) operating?
  • How much would it cost to change the equipment?
  • How energy efficient is the system?

A typical inspection takes about 2 hours, which includes the time we take to evaluate the equipment, run reports, and answer your questions. We also provide our findings and recommendations that you can use when getting a home ready to sell or considering a property for purchase in West Houston, Katy, Richmond, Fulshear and surrounding areas. If you need a home’s HVAC system serviced or replaced on a quick turnaround, we can help you with that, too. Contact us and learn about why customers choose us to maintain their systems year after year.

Photo source: Shutterstock.com