Commercial Air Delivery Systems

Central air and heating is one of the most common HVAC set-ups for light commercial buildings in the Southwest Houston and the neighboring Fort Bend County, Texas area, and they require commercial air delivery systems that will distribute the conditioned air to all the right places. Whether installed as a split or packaged unit, it gives business owners more bang for the buck when distributing cool or warm air throughout a building. Depending on how large your building is and how many rooms and interior spaces you have, how your interior space is organized can present some interesting challenges for properly distributing cool or warm air so that everyone is comfortable.

Properly Sizing Your Unit

A common problem we see is having an HVAC unit that is either too big or too small. A unit that is too big cools the air too quickly causing walls that sweat because moisture hasn’t been removed from the air. This is problematic because it can increase the potential for mold growth. Conversely, a unit that is too small performs poorly during the warmest or coldest days. Both scenarios waste energy, add needless wear-and-tear on the building and HVAC equipment, and leave everyone uncomfortable, too.

Leak-Free Duct Work & Air Vents

In commercial applications, duct work is custom-constructed from sheet metal for long life. Return and supply air vents are properly sized to get the most reliability and efficiency from your system. It also reduces system noise when it is running. If your system is having problems cooling, we often check the ductwork for leaks first. When installing or repairing your airflow system, we balance your system, a technical assessment that evaluates air flow throughout the system.

We can add air vents and ensure they are positioned correctly and are the right size. A ductless air conditioner can be one solution if you have a small space that ducts can’t reach or just needs a little extra air.

Air Quality and Safety

If allergies are a concern, we can install air cleaners to scrub the air of dust, mold, viruses, and odors to improve your building’s indoor environment. For added building safety, we add duct smoke detectors, which cut off the HVAC system in the event smoke is detected. Required by most building codes, this safety feature stops the air from distributing smoke and toxins in the air giving the building occupants time to move to fresh air.

Energy Efficiency

Some of the more advanced HVAC units that have fans that operate at multiple or variable speeds can be zoned to cool or heat different areas of your business. By employing today’s sophisticated smart thermostats, you can use less of your HVAC system’s capacity depending on which areas of of your building need air, saving energy and money.

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