Light Commercial HVAC

Caring for Your Business’ Indoor Environment

Terry’s A/C and Heating provides air conditioning and heating system service, installation, and repairs for light commercial buildings in West Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Fulshear, Richmond and the surrounding area. We work on light commercial air conditioning systems that are 15 tons or less, a size that is typical for most strip malls, retail establishments, restaurants, small and medium-sized office buildings, and office condos.

Our certified technicians can expertly recommend air conditioning and heating systems to fit your space and budget requirements. Whether you need a rooftop unit, a split top unit, or one of the new ductless systems – we can keep your business establishment pleasantly comfortable in the heat of summer and the brief chill of winter. Though we don’t moderate office disputes about what setting your thermostat is on, we can advise you how to save money by installing an energy-efficient, long-lasting system that is backed by a factory warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. We also offer a Peace of Mind Protection Plan, a scheduled maintenance and priority service program, to properly maintain your HVAC system AND prevent most breakdowns.

As business owners ourselves since 1982, we pride ourselves on offering expert service, done right the first time. Learn more about what makes us different from other A/C and heating contractors out there and what our customers have to say. We can help advise you on the maintenance, repair, and installation of the following light commercial air conditioning and heating systems:

  • Air Conditioning – Air conditioning is a key to indoor comfort and productivity, especially on Texas’ Gulf Coast!
  • Heating (Gas or Electric) – The heating season in our area is relatively short, and we have solutions to keep your business warm indoors.
  • Air Delivery Systems – Air Delivery Systems include installing and repairing vents, air registers, filters and ducts.
  • Air Conditioning Balancing – If you’re having trouble with an area or room that is colder or hotter, we can help redistribute the air to bring it into balance.
  • Ductless Solutions – Mini-split systems are a versatile and efficient heating and cooling solution for many types of rooms and additions.
  • Installations – HVAC systems require replacement every 10-15 years. We can help you with a smart solution that fits your budget.

Get in Touch for Personalized Service for Your Business

Contact us for service or maintenance on your existing system or let us provide an estimate when you’re ready to upgrade or replace your existing system. We offer specials to help our customers maximize their HVAC investment. We would love to be your business’ HVAC partner.

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