Residential – Air Conditioning Replacement & Repair

When the temperature is on the rise, count on the Comfort Professionals at Terry’s A/C and Heating to help repair, maintain, replace, or install a new air conditioning unit in your home. We are a Ruud Pro Partner™ and we service all makes and models of central air and ductless air conditioners and heat pumps (which also function as air conditioners) to keep your home’s indoor environment comfortably cool.

Depending on how much space you have to cool and whether or not you have ductwork already installed in your home, air conditioners come in two basic varieties:

Central-Air Conditioner

This type of system is most often sold as a split unit, which simply indicates that there is a component outside the home and another inside the home. They can also be sold as a package unit, an all-in-one system that can be located on a rooftop to save space. Central air conditioning systems move hot air outside the house and distribute cool, filtered air through ductwork and vents into each room. They consist of the following parts:

  • Outdoor condenser unit, which removes heat from the home,
  • Indoor evaporator coil and circulating fan, which dehumidifies and cools the air using refrigerant.

If you have a lot of house to cool, a central air conditioner is often a cost-effective and efficient choice. Many of the Ruud® units we sell are ENERGY STAR-rated for energy efficiency with impressive SEER ratings.

Heat Pump

Despite the confusing name, heat pumps work in much the same way that Central Air Conditioners do with one important difference: They can operate in reverse. This means that they can move heat inside in the winter, serving as a heater AND air conditioner. They can be installed as a split unit, an all-in-one package unit, or even in a ductless mini-split. Many of the Ruud® units we sell are ENERGY STAR rated with favorable SEER (air conditioning) and HSPF (heating) ratings. Read more about heat pumps.

If a lower energy bill and a cool house are at the top of your agenda, contact the professionals at Terry’s A/C and Heating for smart advice about the latest air conditioning technology and equipment to keep you and your family comfortable no matter how many 100 degree days are in the forecast. Find out about how we differ from other air conditioning contractors and what our customers have to say about our work. We know you have a choice, and it would be our honor to earn your business.