Heating (Gas or Electric)

When the first cold front hits town and it is time to turn on the heat, let Terry’s A/C and Heating be your guide to choosing a heating system to keep you and your loved ones cozy all season long. The best time to service and maintain your heating system is in the fall before it gets cold. That way, any service or repairs can be made in plenty of time before that first freeze warning. Our scheduled service Peace of Mind Protection Plan is one option if you’re looking schedule your service twice a year before the cold and warm seasons. Of course, you can schedule a maintenance check any time of year by contacting us.

If you’re looking for a gas or electric heater, the following options work well for our climate:

Gas-Fueled Furnace – These are typically installed as part of a Central Air Conditioner and Heating system in a split unit set up (part of the unit is outside and part remains indoors). Gas-fired furnaces can last 10-20 years. They heat up quickly, the cost to operate is lower, and they are very effective at eliminating chill during the coldest days. Conversely, they cost a little more to install, require regular maintenance, and emit low levels of carbon monoxide as a byproduct of creating the heat which is vented outside the home. We recommend carbon monoxide monitors as a safety precaution if you don’t have one already.

Heat Pump – These efficient systems are all-in-one, providing both heat and air conditioning. In our relatively mild climate, it may be all that you need to keep your home warm during our short winters. While wonderful air conditioners, they are less effective when the temperatures become especially frigid. A Hybrid-system can combine a heat pump with a gas-fueled furnace for the best of both worlds.

Electric-Fueled Heater – These are available as part of ductless systems and packaged units (which combine air conditioning and heating) into one convenient box. Electric heaters generally last 20-30 years, install more quickly, are quieter, and area easier to maintain. If you have a large area to heat, they are more expensive to operate than a gas-fueled furnace.

Whether you need help troubleshooting your heater, need a maintenance check or you need advice on choosing a heating system that is cost-effective and energy-efficient, contact the Heater Experts at Terrys A/C and Heating who are standing by to help you stay warm all winter long! Learn what makes our company different from the rest. But don’t take our word for it, our long-time customers can tell you why Terry’s A/C and Heating is their go-to company to keep their family comfortable no matter what the weather has in store.