4 Tips to Consider Before Replacing Your HVAC System

Did you know that it’s typically cheaper to replace your HVAC unit in the spring or the fall? Addressing your home or business’ central air and heating system in the “off season” when the weather is milder has many benefits. Find out why planning the replacement of your HVAC system can save you time, money, and a whole lot of headaches.

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Thermostats have come a long way from what we had growing up. You can control your system while you are working or traveling from your smart phone, and these mini-computers can even help you figure out how to save on your energy bill simply by making a few adjustments. Pair one of the latest energy-efficient Carrier HVAC systems with a WI-FI thermostat and you can really see a significant savings on your energy bill.

Maintenance Reduces Equipment Failures

No one wants their air conditioning or heating to go out any time during the year. By properly maintaining your HVAC equipment, you can dramatically reduce the chance of a system failure during a heat wave or a cold snap. Start by replacing your filters on schedule and consider having your equipment inspected twice a year (usually in the spring or fall). These routine inspections can make spotting and repairing small problems a simple affair. And best of all, it spreads out costs over the year – avoiding those surprise bills when things unexpectedly go wrong. If your system is getting older, you’ll find out well in advance so you’ll have time to weigh your options.

Maximize Your Unit’s Energy Efficiency

Climate control technology has come a long way from the time you last purchased an HVAC system. Multi-speed units are much more energy efficient than they used to be and that can save you plenty of money in the hottest and coldest months. After calculating the savings, you may discover that replacing your unit may pay for itself in just a few years because they are so much more efficient than old systems. Carrier’s highest efficiency units with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER of 21 are much better at cooling and controlling humidity relative to those with a SEER rating of 14, which is the level of efficiency required of all new units in our region by the government. (Keep in mind if you install an ultra-efficient SEER system, you’ll need to replace the entire system.) When replacing an HVAC system, you’ll get the highest efficiency out of a “matched” system. What that means is that both the outdoor condensing unit and the indoor evaporator coil are built to work together so the unit will be able to meet its energy efficiency potential. It is also key to preserving your system’s warranty in many cases.

Weighing Your Unit’s Repair History

Another consideration before buying a new unit is to consider how much life is still left in the system you own. They can last a long time, 20 years, but no system lasts forever. An A/C contractor can help you determine your unit’s age and look up its make and model pretty easily. You’ll definitely want to determine how old your system is, how well it has been maintained, and how efficient it is before replacing it.

If your HVAC unit is approaching 15-20 years old, it may use R-22/Freon refrigerant which is being phased out for more environmentally friendly options. This doesn’t mean you need to replace your unit right away. It does mean, however, that repair costs involving Freon refrigerant are expected to increase. This fact could tip the balance in favor of replacing your air conditioner or heat pump sooner rather than later.

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