HVAC Case Study: Cinco Ranch Second Opinion

When Your Heat Pump Stops Cooling

We recently had a customer contact us for a second opinion because they had received two other conflicting diagnoses for why their HVAC system was not cooling properly.  One contractor said they needed more refrigerant. Another told them that their heat pump had a bad reversing value, a part that regulates whether the unit is switched on to heat or cool the home. Typically, reversing valves fail less often and can be expensive to change because of the labor involved in taking apart the system.

Air conditioning and heating equipment is getting more sophisticated by the day, which is why it’s so important to get the diagnosis right the first time. If you are getting wildly conflicting diagnoses, it pays to get a second opinion!

Terry’s A/C and Heating correctly diagnosed the problem as a faulty expansion valve, which is a metering device that regulates how much refrigerant flows through the heat pump. Without refrigerant flowing through the system, it was no wonder the home wasn’t cooling properly. This relatively simple fix was able to get the HVAC system back online and working properly. The result was a happy and much more comfortable family!

Custom A/C Inspections in Cinco Ranch

If you are looking to buy or sell in Cinco Ranch, a master-planned community in Katy, Texas, we can work with you or your realtor for a specialized HVAC inspection, designed to maximize your home’s selling price and/or negotiating power.  Your air conditioning and heating system is probably one of your home’s single-most expensive appliances – in terms of replacement and the monthly utilities costs. We can help you maintain, repair, or replace your HVAC unit with the latest ultra-efficient model that can save you money, even paying for itself in short order.

What to Know About Air Conditioning and Heating Systems in Cinco Ranch

Cinco Ranch subdivisions feature a mix of homes ranging from garden-style homes, single-family homes, to larger estates in gated communities. Air conditioning and heating equipment that we have worked on in Cinco Ranch are typically heat pump systems paired with a gas-powered furnace. There are also traditional central air conditioning and furnace setups, too.

We Specialize in Fixing It Right the First Time

If you are looking for a reliable air conditioning and heating expert in your backyard, contact Terry’s A/C and Heating for a quick diagnosis and expert repair. We specialize in fixing what others say can’t be fixed the first time. Let us save you the aggravation, wasted time, and expense of a repair done incorrectly. If we make an error, we return to remedy the problem at our cost, not yours!