Why We Don’t Install Equipment Purchased Off the Internet

Searching for deals on the Internet has made shopping so much more convenient. When it comes to buying HVAC equipment online, though, it is not the best way to purchase HVAC equipment for residential applications in our opinion. Saving a few dollars is not worth the liability, and we politely decline jobs where a consumer provides equipment or parts purchased online.

Do you have the right part and size?

When homeowners try to repair or install complicated HVAC equipment, they often do not have the knowledge to purchase the correct size that is needed. They may be purchasing mismatched equipment that won’t operate efficiently together, or completely misjudge the amount of cooling or heating they need. If you purchase a piece of equipment online, you get exactly what you buy but you don’t get the benefit of knowing if it is the right one that you need.

Is your part or HVAC equipment guaranteed?

As a licensed contractor, any part we purchase from a dealer for RUUD or any other brand has a warranty. If it arrives damaged or missing pieces, we can easily swap out the part quickly. If the part works for a few months and then goes bad, we can track that part and have it replaced under warranty. This possibility is completely missing for equipment purchased online.

Do you want to carry the liability?

Any contractor who works on HVAC equipment is tied to it legally with the State of Texas, which is why we are very careful about the quality of the equipment we install.  Manufacturers require an HVAC system to be installed by a licensed contractor. They also require the system to be registered to receive the full warranty. They know who sold the unit and can void the warranty if all the parameters are not met. As a licensed contractor and a Factory Authorized Dealer for Carrier, our policy is to only install what we sell for this reason.

We Can Help

Be very careful if you decide to purchase an HVAC system or parts over the Internet. Working with a licensed HVAC contractor can ensure that equipment comes from a reputable source and is properly registered with the manufacturer. Plus, HVAC contractors have the training to correctly diagnose issues, choose the right parts and equipment for your home, and do the job right and safely the first time. Contact Rob and Kenny at Terry’s A/C and Heating, LLC at 281-495-7830 located in Rosenberg, Texas. They provide reliable air conditioning and heating service and installation to Southwest Houston, Katy, Fulshear, Richmond and surrounding area. Find out what makes them different from other air conditioning and heating companies and what customers have to say about their work.