What to Know When Your Air Conditioning Goes Out

Oh Noes! It’s hotter than the blazes and you just arrived home to a house that is not much cooler than outdoors. If you have lived in Houston for any length of time, this has probably happened to you at least once. No one likes coming home after a lengthy commute or driving kids around all day to this situation. If you have an elderly parent or a family member with a medical condition, it can be downright dangerous. Here’s what you need to know when calling for emergency HVAC service for your air conditioning in the summer.

Call first to get on the schedule

As soon as you notice a problem, it is smart to call right away to get in line. Explain the circumstances of what is going on. Is your unit blowing warm air, not turning on at all, or making strange noises? Many air conditioning contractors like ourselves have our phones answered 24 hours a day. This does not mean that we are working 24 hours a day, but it helps us organize and triage our calls. If you have a family member with medical concerns or some other extenuating circumstances, tell us that, too. If we have just been at your house and something isn’t right after we’ve left which happens rarely, we make it a point to get back out there until it is right.

We are triaging calls

Keep in mind that demand for air conditioning repair is very high in the summer. We can safely say that probably every air conditioning technician in the city has more business than they can handle when the weather heats up. We do our best to get to everyone as fast as we can. If you have placed a call, please be patient with us and know we will return your call or text message and schedule a time to get there as quickly as possible. Calling excessively can be counterproductive. If you text us, please be sure to tell us your name, where you are located, and what you need, too. If we are delayed because a job took longer than expected, we will let you know.

We work by appointment

During the summer, we work Monday through Friday and a half-day on Saturday, and are sometimes available for emergency service. We strive to give every customer a high, personalized level of service. That means when we are at your home or business that we focus on your specific needs and questions. You won’t find us answering the phone when we are crawling through an attic or diagnosing your HVAC system. We return calls between each visit, and our phones are answered 24-7.

An ounce of prevention is worth it

Whether you do maintenance on your home or office’s HVAC system yourself or hire us to do it, we cannot emphasize enough how important spring HVAC inspections are.  Air conditioning or heat pump systems that are properly maintained and inspected rarely quit in the summer. Fixing or replacing an air conditioning system in the spring or fall can be much more cost-effective, too.  If having a hot home or office is too disruptive, we recommend prioritizing service in the off season.

Help is a phone call away

Terry’s A/C and Heating is skilled at repairing all makes and models of air conditioning and heat pump equipment in the West Houston area. If you are hot and need a hand with your HVAC system, give us a call to get on our schedule. Find out what makes us different from the rest and why we prioritize the training of all of our AC technicians so that repairs are easier and quicker to make. We also offer specials and financing if you end up needing to replace your system.