What Large HVAC Companies Don’t Want You to Know

The HVAC field is big business in Houston, Texas, and some companies have gotten very large keeping our neighbors cool in the area’s blistering summers. But did you stop for a moment and think about how a large HVAC may be costing their customers more with unnecessary replacements and not listening to their needs? Read on to find out what some large HVAC companies don’t want you to know.

Our HVAC technicians work on commission

Because HVAC technicians at large companies often work on commission, it means they are incentivized to upsell and sell you more than you might need. The pressure to earn might make some technicians more likely to bend the truth or outright lie to get you to pay more. This is why techs from large HVAC companies very often recommend replacing a system because there is more profit in replacing than there is in fixing it right.

Our HVAC technicians are less experienced

It takes time to train a good technician, which is why investing in training and continuing education is such a good idea. There are a lot of different types of air conditioning and heating systems in the Houston area. If you consider that some have been running 15-20 years, there is quite a lot of technology, new and old, in place that a technician needs to know about. We have conventional air conditioners, heat pumps, hybrid systems, two-speed and variable speed equipment, furnaces, heaters, mini-split systems, and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology. Experience takes time to earn, and large companies often do not pay for much additional training and their salaries are low which means that the good techs often do not stick around long.

We may employ high-pressure or other questionable sales techniques

Large companies sometimes train technicians how to quickly tell if a system needs replacement, so they can “fail” systems more often. The way they justify this is that selling a new system  not only is more profitable, but often it is more energy-efficient and should break down less often. Sometimes they might use high-pressure sales techniques offering discounts for a short period. We always believe homeowners should be armed with information so they can decide for themselves what they would like to do, and they can take as long as they would like to decide or even get a separate quote.

Their business model is based on volume, not the needs of the customer

When you get down to brass tacks, large HVAC companies are focussed on volume sales and they have quotas to meet. Customers to many of them are just a number, and they are not interested in building a long-term relationship. When you work with a smaller company, we can be more responsive to our customers because we are invested in making them comfortable. We get to know them, learn what they like, who their kids are, and even their pets. We can offer solutions and choices, so our customers can decide the pros and cons and are completely satisfied with how their air conditioning and heating system is working. Customers aren’t just a number to us – they are part of our family.

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