You Deserve the Best AC Services

Everyone deserves the best AC services. But, did you know it’s recommended to get your AC serviced at least once a year? That’s also the bare minimum. We recommend you service your AC twice per year – once in the fall before winter and a second time in the spring before the summer heat arrives.

That may sound extreme, but HVAC systems are complicated. Without proper HVAC maintenance, your system not only may stop working but also might fail in a way that is expensive and was preventable.

You deserve the best AC services, and today we’ll explain both why that is and how to ensure you get your money’s worth.

The Basics of AC Services

refrigerant leak requiring ac services and repair

This AC unit is leaking refrigerant which will require a repair or replacement. Leaks aren’t always this obvious.

At its core, air conditioning servicing is about checking common failure points of an air conditioner. If problems are found, they can be fixed before they get worse or cause a larger and more expensive breakdown. AC tune-ups also look for less common failure points, too.

Even if nothing major is wrong, an HVAC technician can document how your system is performing and compare it to previous tune-ups or inspections. To start, they may clean out your condensate drain line, clean your outdoor condenser and your indoor evaporator coil, check the electrical system, install new filters if you need help, replace UV lights or components of a whole home air purification system, and assess the refrigerant charge. It’s much easier to pinpoint a leak or replace a fan motor before the hot weather arrives.

While some servicing can be done on one’s own, the chances are that you’re not a licensed HVAC technician. Not all the issues servicing is meant to catch are obvious either. It may not be easy to tell when parts are acting up or when a given noise or funny smell is a bad sign.

Despite the periodic cost of professional servicing, it can save you big if they catch an issue with an AC system before it cascades into what might be multiple parts failures. Air conditioner repairs can be complex but regular maintenance is essential to keeping your system safe, effective, and efficient.

Find an AC Company That Offers Carefree Maintenance

The unfortunate reality of any machine that operates for hours on end is that even the best HVAC systems won’t operate forever. Moving parts wear down through use and eventually break. It may not always be spectacular or obvious, but the AC system will at least grow less effective, less efficient, louder (in some cases), may stop working on the hottest day of the year, and (in extreme cases) may become a health hazard if ignored.

If you intend to service your air conditioning system anyway, you may want to consider a protection plan, where an AC service company like ours can offer you such services as:

  • Fall and spring inspection and maintenance
  • Waived diagnostic fees
  • Preferred pricing on repairs
  • Priority service (which usually means same-day service)

We also offer a year-long guarantee that covers all of the work we do, which is on top of the manufacturer’s original factory warranty on parts and equipment. You deserve to have a job done right. If our work isn’t up to par, that’s an expense for us to deal with, not you.

You shouldn’t have to worry about AC maintenance. Most people want to buy their system from an AC company, install it, and be done. But even energy experts in the government don’t recommend doing comprehensive AC system checks by yourself. A licensed professional is best equipped to keep your AC in good shape with an annual or semi-annual AC tune-up or AC check-up. Some even call them AC inspections. Whatever the name, a commitment to regular maintenance is a smart investment.

Mediocre vs Quality AC Services

One issue someone seeking residential or commercial AC servicing may have is with determining whether your service is going to be “adequate” or a genuinely quality experience. Unfortunately, HVAC services aren’t always a price = quality proposition. Sometimes an expensive service provider is still just going through the minimum motions needed to keep you paying.

At Terry’s A/C & Heating, we’re of the opinion that there isn’t much point in paying for a service if it isn’t a 5-star experience. We are known for being thorough, using quality parts with generous warranties, educating homeowners about their HVAC equipment, and tailoring services and recommendations to each customer’s wants and needs.

At our company, we are passionate about keeping our customers comfortable at their homes and offices. This is why you’ll find the owner who is a licensed and experienced technician working alongside staff technicians on all new AC installations. When the owner is involved with every aspect of the business, it makes it easy to help customers in a personalized and customized way.

In the modern world, most people have a variety of AC companies to choose from. So before choosing a particular service, ask yourself if what they’re providing matches the price.

Will the AC Service Provider Listen to Your Needs?

The very first thing to watch out for is whether the AC maintenance provider you’re choosing will listen to your needs. Many companies approach AC service from a “one size fits all” mindset. They have a short checklist they’ll rundown. If your issues are outside that list, it can be a hassle to get them to listen to what is actually wrong.

That’s why we believe in a more customized, personal approach. Customers may not be HVAC technicians but they know what temperature makes them comfortable. That’s why we tailor our services to account for the information a customer is providing and what their situation is.

A customer on a fixed income or who is preparing their home for sale may make different choices than a customer who is remodeling their forever home. A good HVAC service company will listen for what you need, so they can give you options that will fit your situation. Sometimes it is smart to keep repairing an air conditioner; sometimes it makes more sense to install a new, more efficient unit if it’s toward the end of its life.

Will Your AC Technician Treat You And Your Home With Respect?

There are also more basic courtesies every HVAC technician should provide to you. At the very least, a technician should know to use furniture blankets for inside work and to otherwise not leave a mess when they’re done! You deserve an AC company that cares about your needs.

Will your AC service company show up on time, or call you and give you the option to reschedule if another repair runs long? Sometimes a service call will run longer than expected and having an HVAC company that respects your time can make a service call better for both parties.

If your repair was complicated or you had a new HVAC system installed, your AC service company may call after the service to make sure everything is working properly. It’s an added benefit when a company cares about how things are going after they have gotten paid.

You deserve an AC servicer who cares about your needs and is committed to making sure any installation and repair is done to your satisfaction.

Will Your Technician Know How to Future-proof Your AC?

When installing or servicing an AC system, a good service technician knows how to address small issues now so they do not become big issues later. Something as simple as using specialized drain pans can save a customer time and money in the long-run, as these last longer than the alternatives. Will the company you select install float switches (we call them “ceiling savers”) to save your ceiling and walls from condensate drain clogs?

Perhaps more importantly, a good technician will install safeguards so that, in the event of a failure, your AC system does minimal damage. Safety equipment like smoke and CO alarms, as well as surge protectors, should come standard. Our company can also install float switches that save ceilings from condensate drain clogs!

If you’re replacing HVAC equipment on your air conditioner or heat pump, it pays to ask about these items when comparing HVAC quotes. Ask your AC technician what parts and safety equipment they will use to prevent problems down the road.

Need AC Services? Contact Us!

If you need your AC serviced, we hope you’ll consider Terry’s A/C & Heating. We serve the Richmond, Katy, Sugar Land, Fulshear and West Houston, Texas area. We prioritize the needs of our customers with the highest quality work at a fair price. If you’re looking for a scheduled maintenance plan for your home or office, our Peace of Mind Protection Plan does what it says: It allows you to have some peace of mind when it comes to AC maintenance.

For those curious to know more, or who wish to schedule a service call, contact us! We can discuss your needs, the options we offer, and more. We’d love to hear from you!