When DIY Air Conditioning Repairs Get Out of Hand

As licensed air conditioning and heating contractors, we have truly seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to HVAC repairs or installations that are unsafe, unadvisable, and just didn’t work.  In fact, there’s entire blogs (here and here) devoted to sharing eye-popping images of these “extra points for creativity” jobs that a professional HVAC contractor has to tear out and redo the right way. Sometimes these are done by inexperienced contractors, and sometimes these are done by well meaning folks who don’t know what they are doing. To avoid an #HVACFail, here’s what you need to know so a DIY project doesn’t go horribly wrong:

Should I buy parts that are easy to maintain myself on the Internet?

Yes. Buying air filters off the Internet and having them delivered can be convenient and save you some time. Buying larger quantities can save you money and make it easier to replace those filters every three months. Generally, indoor air filters are easy and safe to install yourself.

Should I buy HVAC parts or HVAC equipment like motors online?

No. When it comes to purchasing something more complicated like a motor, capacitor, or other electrical parts and wiring, stay away from “deals” you find online. While it can seem cheaper, it is nearly always more expensive down the road and frequently it is unsafe, too. The part may not be the right one you need. Plus, these parts may be fake knock-offs with dubious quality where a brand label has been attached to make them appear like the real thing. They will not carry any kind of warranty, so if they fail, chances are you’ll be facing their replacement once again.  You’ll need them installed properly, and many licensed HVAC technicians will refrain from taking on a job where they didn’t purchase parts from a known supply house. Using a known supply house makes it possible to guarantee the quality and integrity of the part as well as its warranty in case something goes wrong. You will not find a warranty on equipment purchased on the Internet. Buyer beware.

Should I install my own motor the next time it goes out?

No. We don’t recommend installing equipment without an HVAC license. First of all, it is not strictly legal. Next, it can expose you to dangers such as electrical shock, water damage, flammable fuel leaks, or fires and rarely, explosions. This is why having an experienced, licensed professional can make a difference. They can ensure the work is done properly and safely. In addition to a warranty on parts, there is usually a craftsmanship guarantee as well. This means that a professional HVAC technician will often warranty their labor. They guarantee that the right manufacturer’s part is installed the way it is meant to be installed, and the safety and integrity of the home and HVAC system is maintained.

Get It Done Right

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