What You Need to Know About Your HVAC System in a New Home

When you are building a new home, there are many decisions to make before construction begins. And your air conditioning and heating system is your home’s largest consumer of energy such as electricity and natural gas or propane. This is why it is good to know a few things about your HVAC investment in your new home.

Experience of Technicians Installing Your Central Air

Even the best home builders often use teams of HVAC technicians to install central air and heat in new homes. What they may not tell you is that often some of these contractors are unlicensed but working under the license and supervision of a colleague. This is why sometimes due to timelines, oversight can sometimes be great and sometimes less so. A permit inspector may not see every phase of installation, so some things can get missed.

Contractor-Grade Equipment

Many new home builders install contractor-grade HVAC equipment. What this means is that the HVAC equipment that is typically installed may not be top of the line or the most energy efficient that is available. This is fine in many cases, but if you were wanting a multi-speed system with a high SEER, which rates a system’s energy efficiency, you will need to ask for that equipment in advance and it will likely be an upgrade. Contractor-grade equipment is on par with how rental cars are – they work fine for the application but the bells or whistles may be missing.

Warranty Service

After a new home is delivered, homebuilders give a two-year warranty on the home which covers parts and labor. As part of the service homebuilders provide, they often will register your HVAC equipment’s serial numbers within the manufacturer’s required timeline of 30-60 days after closing. This important step can be the difference between a 5-year and 10-year warranty on HVAC parts if filed on time. It is one of the reasons we recommend that homeowners document their HVAC equipment serial numbers and call the manufacturer’s help line to make sure that paperwork has been done, so the warranty will be in place if it is ever needed.

After two years have passed, it can be helpful to find your permanent HVAC partner who can handle routine maintenance, inspections, and repairs. They can fulfill warranties from any dealer even though it isn’t really a money-maker for them. Keep in mind that warranty service will not include maintenance issues such as clogged drains, installation errors, or the cost of labor. It will, however, cover the cost of the failed part which can be a significant savings.

Tune-Ups & Quick Inspections

Sometimes a new home needs its central air and heat adjusted right after move-in to optimize comfort. We have adjusted air vents, cut out air vents that were sheetrocked over, connected important hoses that were unconnected, turned on the power to equipment, and even educated homeowners how to properly operate their HVAC system. We can also arm them with knowledge so they can do some of the essential maintenance on their own. If you have a room that isn’t cooling or heating properly, we can do a quick inspection to see what the problem might be and get your HVAC system on the right track.

We Can Help

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