To Upgrade or Not? When to Replace Your Air Conditioner & Heater

When your HVAC system is facing a major repair, many HVAC contractors will recommend replacing the unit. But depending on your air conditioner and heater’s age, that may not be the best move. Here’s what you should know so you can make an educated decision before replacing your HVAC system.

Young Systems Rarely Need Replacement

In general, we have found that most HVAC systems have a life span of about 12-20 years. This means that if your system is one to 10 years old, it is probably in good health. A part or two might fail during an exceptionally hot summer, but in most cases, it will still be under the factory’s limited warranty. It would be extremely rare for us to change a system in this age frame.

When Your HVAC System Hits Middle Age

When your HVAC system is between 10-16 years old is when you start thinking about saving for a new system and keep an eye on how the system is performing. We don’t start talking about changing an entire system unless there have been numerous repairs. If you’re in the situation where your system is breaking down a lot, it may be time to consider replacement.

When to Replace an Aging Air Conditioner or Heater

The HVAC system that is 15 or more years old will need to be replaced soon. These systems are near the end of their operational life, so if you have a costly repair – it might be time to consider replacement.

There is another exception currently. The older systems which use a refrigerant called R-22 or freon. These systems may need to be replaced sooner. The EPA announced that as of January 1, 2020, no more new freon will be manufactured in the US, and it will be illegal to import new or virgin freon gas. We will have access to recycled refrigerant though. But a declining supply means that the cost of freon will continue to climb. You won’t need to change your system if you have the old freon refrigerant. The only time a change will come up is if there is a major repair or refrigerant leak, since the cost of the freon may track to more than $200/pound this year. If your system needs 7-8 lbs, a minor repair can become costly pretty quick.

We Can Help

Terry’s A/C and Heating is dedicated to keeping you comfortable year round. We can offer a variety of choices to fit your budget, and we always recommend sleeping on it and getting your questions answered. We don’t do high pressure sales nor do we believe in that strategy. We want you to be happy with your purchase, and can help you run the numbers or choose a Carrier model that can even pay for itself because it is so energy efficient. If you are considering replacing your system, call Rob and Kenny today at 281-495-7830 while pricing is at its lowest. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we welcome your questions, bid requests and referrals.