Terry’s A/C Launches Its Peace of Mind Protection Program

We are excited to launch our new Peace of Mind Protection Program. This planned maintenance and service priority program has several levels to choose from to meet any budget. The goal of this service agreement is to eliminate surprise breakdowns, make your equipment  more energy efficient, and keep you comfortable year round. Our hot and humid climate here in the Houston area can be extreme in the summer, dangerously so for the very young, old, and those with medical concerns. This is why your HVAC system is one of your home’s most important and expensive appliances and why it needs regular attention. Did you know it is also the indoor appliance that can make the biggest difference in energy consumption?

A new software upgrade that makes it possible for us to better track your system’s maintenance and service will allow us to schedule your service months or even up to a year in advance when it is most convenient for your schedule. You can also switch packages from year to year, which can save you some money if you expect to replace older equipment, like a furnace or condensing unit. Or if you know you’re interested in adding an in-duct air purification system to address allergies or asthma, we can help you choose a plan that will meet your indoor comfort goals. Maintenance in our area is performed in the spring and the fall season, when the temperatures are typically milder.


Our bronze plan offers a basic inspection twice a year and is designed to catch the most common reasons for equipment failure.

  • Complete 21 point inspection
  • Reminder service
  • 1 year repair warranty
  • 2% preferred pricing adjustment on most parts, repairs, accessories, and systems


Our silver plan adds more services that involve rinsing the outdoor condensing unit and a higher level of preferred pricing.

  • Wash outdoor condenser with water
  • No afterhours rates
  • Pre-season scheduling
  • 25% off diagnostic charge for repairs
  • Monthly payment option
  • 4% preferred pricing adjustment on most parts, repairs, accessories, and systems


The gold level of service plan does more cleaning of key equipment to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency. It also offers a higher level of priority service and preferred pricing should you ever need it.

  • Light cleaning of indoor evaporator coil
  • Quality assurance inspection and cleaning to ENERGY STAR® Standards
  • Same day response time if called in by 2pm
  • Installation of one standard one-inch filter
  • 2 year repair warranty
  • Half-price diagnostic charge for repairs
  • 6% preferred pricing adjustment on most parts, repairs, accessories, and systems


In addition to regular maintenance, the platinum level spends the most time on thoroughly cleaning indoor and outdoor equipment and parts to maximize indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency to Air Conditioning Contractors of America Standards.

  • ACCA National Quality Standards include the following (as needed):
    • Blower Wheel Cleaning
    • Chemically Clean Coils
  • 3 year repair warranty
  • No diagnostic charge
  • Same day response time if called in by 5pm
  • No overtime
  • Installation of two standard one-inch filters or one in-duct media filter
  • 8% preferred pricing adjustment on most parts, repairs, accessories, and systems

Schedule Your Regular Maintenance Now

If your HVAC investment is important to you and you’re ready to eliminate the headaches of surprise repairs, call us at 281-495-7830 to sign up for our Peace of Mind Protection Plan. We can help you crunch the numbers and advise you which plan might fit your needs best. As your “Indoor Comfort Concierge,” we can help you take the pain and hassle out of maintaining and servicing your HVAC equipment. Find out what customers say about our service and what makes us different from other HVAC technicians in the Southwest Houston and surrounding area. We want to earn your trust and your business.