Pecan Grove HVAC Maintenance Checklist

When you’re looking for a trusted HVAC partner who can service and maintain your HVAC equipment, hiring an expert that knows your Pecan Grove neighborhood in Richmond, Texas is a good move! Terry’s A/C & Heating has compiled an HVAC maintenance checklist for our Pecan Grove neighbors to help you take care of your HVAC unit all year round.

About Pecan Grove

The Pecan Grove Plantation neighborhood(often shortened to simply Pecan Grove) is located near Highway 90 between Harlem Rd and FM 359 with convenient access to Hwy 59 (Southwest Freeway) and the Grand Parkway. Located in northeastern Fort Bend County, the community is located in Richmond, Texas.

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Pecan Grove Homes

Pecan Grove Plantation homes are traditional and contemporary single family homes in a neighborhood with many parks and amenities. The Pecan Grove Country Club offers a restaurant, fitness center, golf, tennis, swimming and more. Here’s what homes in the neighborhood have in common.
  • The average square footage of the homes in Pecan Grove is 2,741 sqft.(
  • Avg. Year Built: 1986 (1975-2012)
  • Prices: From $300’s to $560’s
  • Sq. Ft.: 1,802 to 4,723 sq. ft.(
  • Bedrooms: 2 to 5 bedrooms
  • Bathrooms: 2 to 6 bathrooms
  • Lot Sizes: Median 10,150 sq. ft.


Pecan Grove HVAC Maintenance Checklist

We see a much higher occurrence of HVAC repairs due to electrical failures in the neighborhood as a whole. Power surges, brownouts, and blips are hard on an air conditioner’s electrical components, which means they can wear out more quickly.

Power spikes can affect other electrical equipment such as refrigerators and other home appliances, too. This is why we recommend surge protectors that protect your HVAC equipment, if you don’t have them already. All of our air conditioning and heating installations include surge protectors to prevent pesky failures when the weather is hot or cold.

Pecan Grove is an older neighborhood with a country-feel and large established trees, including Pecan trees. We also see HVAC repairs related to pests, such as squirrels, rodents, wasps, lizards, ants/insects that infiltrate the outdoor condenser or in the attic. This is why regular pest control is helpful.

We also recommend scheduling HVAC maintenance twice a year – in the fall and the spring – to identify issues to avoid breakdowns in the heat of the summer or the chill of winter.  This HVAC maintenance checklist (with a few related tasks) can keep your air conditioner and heater in top shape in Pecan Grove.


Every Six Months

  • Pour vinegar down condensate drain (especially in the spring/fall)
  • Clear landscaping from around the condenser
  • Check batteries in thermostat (if needed)
  • Check batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • At season change, change the direction of your ceiling fans


5 years

  • Replace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Inspect window and door caulking and weather stripping

10-20 years

  • Clean ducts (if necessary)
  • Add attic insulation(if necessary)

15-20 Years

Testimonials from Pecan Grove Neighbors

Find out what neighbors are saying about the HVAC service they have received from Terry’s A/C & Heating in Richmond, Texas.

“This place was amazing! The owner came to our home same day we called. He didn’t even have an opening, he heard my desperation in my voice and not only did he come out he fixed our furnace and checked on us and followed up again! He was professional, caring, provided quality service and really showed he cares about his craft and his customer. I will forever be a promoter of his business and his character as a person! Thank you Robert!!! The Rivers Family appreciates you for not allowing us to freeze!! Especially on my birthday!” – Andreal Rivers

“Life savers. So winter is over and we started using the A/C again. Sometime between kicking it on and midnight it bit the dust. Terrys AC responded that morning to my message I left at an unpleasant hour and were at my house by 10am. Condenser DONESKI. I didnt quite have the funds to replace it. Terrys loaned my some inside units to use for ac until I could afford the new unit. I had 3 days of hotel room air conditioning and it was great. I couldnt imagine surviving 3 days with a 4 yr old, wife and dogs with no ac in HOUSTON. LIFE SAVERS!! Well priced too” – Chris Millward

“Fast response, excellent service and saved us thousands of dollars.” – Mary Flurkey

“You can’t find a better firm to trust with your home’s cooling and heating needs. I’ve dealt with Terry’s services for over 30 years and have never had any problems. They give recommendation for the customer’s benefit not their own. We are currently subscribing to their Peace of Mind Protection Program and are very satisfied. Do yourself and your home a favor and try Terry’s A/C and Heating. Thanks C & L Shaw” – Conway Shaw

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