How to Protect Your Air Conditioning Equipment From Power Surges

Houston’s heat and humidity is legendary in the summer, which is why having a functioning air conditioner or heat pump is such a necessity for homes and businesses in the area.  As an air conditioning and heating repair and installer, it is not unusual to see a home in the heat of summer that is 90 degrees or more indoors when the air conditioning is not working. If you think that is bad, you should try climbing in the attic in the middle of the day to service the equipment!  We can assure you that it is even hotter in the attic–140-150 degrees Fahrenheit–on very hot days. The attic is where the electric air handler or gas-fired furnace, the HVAC system component that circulates heated or cooled air around the house.  To keep your air conditioning functioning in tip top shape, we recommend that you protect the sensitive electrical equipment to extend its life with one or more surge protectors.

What Causes HVAC Electronic Components to Fail?

Put simply – dirty power can cause excessive wear on electrical parts, motors, and power supplies. In some cases it can fry electrical components outright causing your air conditioning system to power off. Power surges, spikes, and flickers during the summer during the hottest part of the day are common as the demand for electricity to run climate control equipment is high around the city. Dirty electricity which refers to any abnormalities in power quality including surges, spikes, and flickers can burn up or wear out more quickly the electrical equipment that makes your system run efficiently. You probably protect your computer or laptop with a surge protector, it is just as important to do the same for your air conditioning equipment, especially your condensing unit outside.

What Can Cause Power Surges?

Lightning strikes, high electricity demand, power flickers and outages due to heavy vegetation and squirrels (no joke!) can have happen to any home. This is why we recommend the installation of surge protectors on your HVAC equipment inside and outside the home.  We commonly see power-related equipment failures in the Pecan Grove neighborhood in Richmond, Texas, Great Wood neighborhood in Sugar Land, and Sienna Plantation near Missouri City, Texas. Read more about the power surge “epidemic” in one Houston area suburb according to one article.

Can Surge Protectors Help?

Yes. Surge protectors definitely help insulate your air conditioning system from unexpected electrical fluctuations and help keep your system’s electrical components from failing or wearing out too soon. During the hottest months of the year, you can chalk up one-third to one-half of your electrical bill from your air conditioner. Keeping it running optimally can save you money and efficiency in the long run. All of the top of the line Carrier HVAC units we sell come with surge protectors, and it is easy to add one to the system you currently own the next time you need a service call or are doing routine maintenance. Now until July 31, 2017, we are offering a special price on the purchase and installation of one or more surge protectors on your HVAC system. Your system may need more than one to be fully protected.

We Can Help

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in terms of protecting your hard-working air conditioner from dirty power, brownouts and power surges which can shorten the life of the electronics and motors that run your central air conditioner or heat pump unit. Give Terry’s A/C and Heating a call 281-495-7830 at text us at 281-536-4981 to get on our schedule to stop by and help you maintain, repair, or install a new AC unit to keep your  home or business comfortably cool during the warm months of the year.