How to Make HVAC Service Calls a Complete Success

When your air conditioner or heater needs service or maintenance, it’s time to place a call to your favorite air conditioning and heating technician. If there is a repair involved, there will be time to diagnose what is going on before you’re presented an estimate of what may be needed for an effective repair. Here’s what you need to know to make that service call a complete success.

Be Specific About Your Problem

When you contact an HVAC service provider, be sure to describe the problem you’re having and how long it has been going on. Does the system turn on and turn off? Is it making a funny noise? Does your system need regular maintenance? Maintenance is generally scheduled in the spring for air conditioners and the fall for heaters and furnaces and is a great way to prevent problems. Be sure to tell us your name, phone number and your address. You’d be surprised how many times we receive incomplete information, which requires extra time for us to search for the missing puzzle pieces. Having complete contact information and a concise description of the problem you are having saves everyone time and helps us schedule our day.

Learn the Best Time to Call

Most air conditioning and heating companies have a 24-hour answering service even if they don’t operate 24-7. For companies that do come out in the middle of the night, keep in mind that if your air conditioner or heat pump requires a part they don’t have on their truck, you may still be out of luck until the morning. Why? Air conditioning and heating parts companies are not open 24-hours like 24-hour pharmacies. Nevertheless, if you call in the middle of the night, someone will take down your message, and you will get a call back in the morning. Generally, we schedule our day in the morning, so it is the best time to call. Calling at 5 pm or at the end of the day with an emergency that is across town is not ideal. If you have family members with medical needs or extenuating circumstances, please share that information with us, too.

Politeness and Courtesy Grease the Wheels

It goes without saying that polite and friendly customers are a joy to work with and technicians often go out of their way to help them as much as possible. Technicians enjoy customers who let them do their job without looking over their shoulder, being overly critical or demanding, and generally projecting their displeasure. Technicians understand that it is frustrating when equipment breaks down unexpectedly. They have arrived because you asked them to come to your home to fix your air conditioner or heater. And, they will diagnose the problem as efficiently as possible, so try not to shoot the messenger. If you have questions or want to understand how the system broke down or how the system works, your technician should be able to give you as much detail as you would like. Many times a repair can be made in one visit. When that isn’t possible it is often because a specific part must be ordered, picked up and installed at a second visit. While technicians carry the most common parts on their truck, it is impossible to carry them all. Keep in mind that AC technicians are incentivized to be efficient with their time and with yours. Be sure to extend them the professional courtesy you’d give any other professional, so they can do their job efficiently and effectively.

Invest in Maintenance

If you learn only one thing, it’s that HVAC systems require regular maintenance. Just like your car, computer and fitness routine. It has been our experience that customers who service their HVAC equipment in the spring and the fall rarely have equipment that breaks down in the summer and winter. Signing up for a service plan like the Peace of Mind Protection Plan can make it easy to remember to prioritize service on your air conditioner or heater. If you’ve ever spent a chilly night huddled into one room with a space heater or the day working from a coffee shop to escape a burning hot home office, you have to decide how important indoor climate control is for you personally. If breakdowns are on the “never again list,” we recommend regular maintenance. Mechanical equipment is better and better each day, but even it has limitations. 

Let Us Help

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