Dryer Vent Cleaning: Let the Professionals Clear the Lint

Have you ever wondered why your dryer was taking so long to dry your clothes? Or maybe you took the clothes out of the dryer and they were scalding hot.  These are some reasons that you could benefit from dryer vent cleaning. The U.S. Fire Safety Administration reports 2,900 fires each year caused by clothes dryers and $35 million in property loss.

Signs You May Need Dryer Vent Cleaning

Depending on your home, your dryer vent may be located inside your walls, going through your attic, subfloor or foundation.  If air is restricted because of a build-up of lint, it can cause your dryer to work harder, which can make the lint hotter. In extreme cases, it could ignite the lint and start a fire.

  • It takes more than one cycle to dry a load of clothes consistently.
  • The area around your dryer is noticeably hotter and more humid than it should be.
  • When the dryer runs, there is a burning odor in the air.
  • There is unexplained wetness around the dryer and vent.
  • Clothes come out of the dryer too hot to touch.
  • Your dryer is giving you error codes.

How Often Should You Clean a Dryer Vent?

A dryer exhaust vent should be cleaned out once a year or when it takes more than one drying cycle to dry a load of clothing. Also, you never want to run your dryer without the dryer lint filter because it will cause the exhaust vent to build up lint inside more quickly.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Dryer Vent Maintenance?

Maintaining your dryer vent has many benefits.

  • Saves energy and reduces utility bills.
  • Reduces wear and tear on your dryer.
  • Eliminates a fire hazard and gives you peace of mind.

Contact Us to Schedule

Keep your clothes dryer working efficiently, and contact us to schedule a dryer vent cleaning appointment. Depending on your home, it may take an hour to inspect and clean your dryer vent. NOTE: This service is not currently bundled into our regular HVAC maintenance tune-ups. 

It’s possible to schedule your dryer vent cleaning at the same time as regular HVAC maintenance on your AC or heater to save you time and effort. Ask us about our Peace of Mind Protection Program, a scheduled HVAC maintenance plan, if you’d like to pre-schedule maintenance up to a year in advance.

Photo source: Canva.com