Cool Gifts & Gadgets to Upgrade Your HVAC System in Houston

As we count the days toward the holidays, many of us are thinking about meaningful gifts. Upgrade your HVAC system with these gift ideas that will elevate your home comfort from smart thermostats to air purifiers.

Do you have someone on your list who is difficult to buy for? Practical gifts can be especially appreciated. We are all spending a lot more time at home, so the gift of comfort and convenience is one type of gift to consider!

The following is a list of cool gifts and gadgets to upgrade your HVAC system.

Smart Thermostats

kenny inspects a smart thermostatThe latest smart thermostats can connect to Alexa and Siri and to Wi-Fi so you can monitor them from just about anywhere, even while traveling. They are also spectacular at learning what temperature you like to keep your home at and controlling your heater and air conditioner for the best efficiency.

Our favorite Wi-Fi thermostats are made by Ecobee, including the Carrier Cor smart thermostat, which is also made by Ecobee. The Infinity Touch is another smart thermostat that runs the Infinity line of Variable Speed HVAC systems by Carrier that we recommend.

If you need help understanding how to use all the features, we can help you take advantage of those with purchase.

Ceiling fan can upgrade your comfortCeiling Fans

A ceiling fan can be a nice addition to a room that needs just a small boost of cooling. Did you know you can set a fan to spin downward in the winter to push that rising warm air down, and flip the direction when the weather heats up to cool you off? There are a number of different types of fans that can match your home or office’s décor.  Fans are a relatively easy and quick solution to add more ventilation in a room. Let us install one for you at your next HVAC tune-up.

custom kitchen vent hood baffle on the roofKitchen hood vent

Did you install a fancy new stove top or gas oven and need an kitchen hood vent to match? We can help you with this, too. On a custom home, we recently helped a homeowner with a custom solution so that he had the kitchen ventilation he needed to disburse the heat from his commercial grade stove with a custom hood and baffle for the roof.

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

We recommend maintenance on your HVAC system twice a year for best results. We schedule heater tune-ups in the fall so you’re ready for the winter. We schedule AC tune-ups in the spring before the summer heat arrives.  We use a multi-point HVAC inspection checklist which we keep on file and give each customer so they know all the systems we checked and how everything is doing.

We can make sure safety equipment like carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are working properly. And, we can spot situations like a pest infestation before it really can cause more expensive damage. Customers can purchase a scheduled HVAC maintenance plan for the holidays to make taking care of your central air and heating system easy.  We call this our Peace of Mind Protection Program, and it’s a fantastic way to prioritize maintenance and put it on auto-pilot. Now you can check that off your home maintenance checklist because your trusted HVAC partner has it handled.

Whole House Air Purification System

We have gotten a lot of requests for air purifiers this year to combat allergies, mold and multiple viruses. Simple disposable air filters are good at passive filtration, but if you want to really move the needle on indoor air quality, full home air purification system within your air ducts is something we can recommend and what we have in our own homes.

By installing a whole house air purification system, you are able to purify all of the air in a home. We cycle all of the air in the home through the air conditioning system. Portable air purifiers or air cleaners on the other hand don’t have the capacity that a whole house purifier does. Carrier’s Infinity Whole House Purifier is the one that I recommend and that I have installed in my home.

Another benefit is that a whole house air purification system tends to keep your HVAC system very clean, which adds to your system’s efficiency and longevity. And, it’s great to know that you won’t be smelling bacon and eggs for long when your HVAC system’s air purifier is on the job.

Whole House Dehumidifer

Homeowners in our area find controlling humidity to be challenge indoors. This is especially important if you have a foam insulated home or a newer home with an HVAC system that just isn’t getting the job done. If you don’t have a Variable Speed HVAC system, getting more humidity control can be accomplished with a whole house dehumidifier.

They generally can be installed in several hours or half a day depending on the application. Sometimes this addition can be a cost-effective way to control humidity and make your HVAC system work more efficiently. The net result is more comfort!

Mini Split AC or Mini Split Heat Pump

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems can be a very nice upgrade to a home office, garage turned “man cave” or even that pesky room that just is perpetually too cold or too warm. If balancing your indoor air can’t solve those problems or you have a brand-new space or add-on, a ductless mini split system is great.

My sister has an upstairs bedroom and it was perpetually too warm in the summer and chilly in the winter. A mini-split heat pump system from Carrier solved that problem for good. Now they are able to use that space as a home office, too. When you can make an indoor space comfortable, you can find so many uses for that room. I have one in my office, too!

These types of systems can be installed in about half a day, and they are very energy efficient as well. Carrier has a mini-split heat pump that is an astounding 42 SEER, which is the highest efficiency on the market.

Variable Speed HVAC System

Variable Speed Infinity HVAC systems from Carrier offer unmatched comfort and efficiency. Because your system can ramp up or down depending on how much heat or cooling is needed, you reap the benefits of lower utility bills for superior comfort.

Variable speed HVAC systems have many benefits. They dehumidify very well and come with the latest high-end smart thermostat controllers, too. For most applications, a full HVAC system can be installed in a day. We stage all of our installations in advance, so we have equipment, supplies and staff sourced and ready to go. This means that we can get your home comfort system up and running quickly.

Gift Ideas for Indoor Comfort

Indoor comfort at home is a luxury that everyone appreciates. Maybe some of these ideas get the wheels turning for your family, a friend or someone who may have everything already. Give Rob and Kenny a call at (281) 495-7830 if we can help you source one or more of these gifts to make your indoor environment more comfortable this holiday season and all year long. Find out what makes us different from others and the areas we provide AC and heating service in Richmond, Texas and the West Houston, Texas area.