Buyer Beware: HVAC Inspections Can Identify Problems

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer serving West Houston, we often get calls when people have difficult-to-solve problems with their air conditioning or heating systems. They might have one warm room when the rest of the home is comfortable, or maybe the HVAC system they have just isn’t working optimally. Problems can even crop up when a home has been newly constructed or when looking for a new home, office, or condominium. Occasionally we receive calls from renters who need advice when the maintenance person hired by their landlord cannot seem to resolve the air conditioning or heating problem. If you find yourself in a difficult predicament and you need a second opinion, an HVAC inspection by a licensed professional that answers to you can help.

The following are HVAC snafus we have helped diagnose over the years to help Houstonians with air conditioning and heating problems.

Ventilation Behind a Wall

One customer called us because their air conditioner was not working right but they couldn’t imagine what was going on. It turns out the return air vent to the air conditioning system was covered over with sheetrock, which meant the system was not getting enough air and the built-up in pressure was making the system work much harder than it needed to. The return air vent is a larger vent you find in a hallway or ceiling, and usually the vent that has an air filter you replace every three months. After we re-installed the return air, the system worked like it was supposed to.

No Insulation in the Walls

One customer who moved into a new townhome couldn’t determine why her new air conditioner was not able to keep up with the Texas heat. When we inspected her home using our infrared camera, we could see that her home had no insulation in the ceiling. Needless to say, this meant her home’s heat load was much higher than it should have been, affecting the cooling and energy efficiency of her home overall. Armed with this knowledge, she could make sure this oversight was rectified because her air conditioner was installed correctly and working properly.

Furnace Improperly Installed

We also frequently spot equipment that has not been installed correctly or with care. One homeowner’s furnace had the incoming natural gas line resting against the flue pipe, which is hot pipe where the exhaust exits the home. This would not have passed a code inspection had it been properly inspected. If it had caused a fire, the insurance might have refused to pay for the damage because of the improper installation. We immediately repaired the furnace to separate the two pipes for safety.

We Want Your Business for Life

It’s a buyer beware situation if you don’t know what to look for and your air conditioning or heating issue is hard to diagnose. This is why it is helpful to have an HVAC company whose aim is to earn your business for life. Whether you need a second opinion by itself or an expert repair, contact Rob and Kenny at Terry’s A/C and Heating at 281-495-7830 for sound advice to keep you comfortable year-round. See what our customers say within our service area in Southwest Houston