3 Top Spring Fixes for HVAC Systems in Houston, Texas

Did you realize that your HVAC system is among the appliance in your home that consumes the most energy? In many homes, your air conditioner or heat pump may consume 50% or more of your home’s energy in the heat of the summer. Air conditioning systems in particular work very hard eight to ten months of the year in the Greater Houston area. And for this reason, it is essential to maintaining them to prevent surprise breakdowns. There’s nothing like the headache of coming home from a long day at work to find a home at 80+ degrees or more!  These are the top four residential air conditioning repairs we are seeing this spring in our area:

Capacitor Failures

Capacitors are part of the electrical system that helps start, run, and regulate the motors that run your air conditioner or heat pump and keep them running efficiently. They store energy like a battery does as they operate the compressor, blower motor, and the outside fan. If your system starts then stops over and over, it might indicate a weakening capacitor. These parts can go out over time, or they can stop suddenly. In either event, they will cause your system to stop cooling and require immediate attention.

Chewed or Burned Wires

In the spring, we often see damage to exposed, low-voltage electrical wiring that squirrels and other rodents feast on. Often this is the wiring connected to your thermostat which controls the temperature in your home. We sometimes see burned wires in the attic or near the condenser which can cause disruptions to the power supply. Obviously, no power equals no air! These are conditions that are easy to address. We can thoroughly check your air conditioner’s electrical system to ensure that other components are not malfunctioning or emitting excess heat that affects the wiring.

Clogged Evaporator Coils & Drain Lines

The evaporator coil is the part of your unit generally located in the attic. It is the part of your air conditioning unit where air is cooled and humidity is taken from the air using refrigerant before the resulting cooler air is blown throughout your home. When your system runs less, the evaporator coil can get dirty and clogged with mildew. This can result from not running the system as often, and it can result or be made worse from a partial or full blockage of the drain line. When a system isn’t cooling properly, we check the evaporator for leaks to the refrigerant and we clean the evaporator coil to ensure air flow is operating properly. We also flush the drain line as well. When a system’s drain line gets clogged, it can back up water and cause water damage. We have permanent solutions for that too to ensure you don’t get surprise leaks in your ceiling.

Prevent Summer A/C Breakdowns

Call the experts at Terry’s A/C and Heating who are dedicated to keeping your home or business cool and comfortable no matter what heat wave may be on the way. Let us help you maintain and repair your HVAC system when the weather is cool to prevent surprise equipment failures. A small investment in servicing your system, regularly replacing your filters, and reporting any symptoms that your system may need a check or small repair can save you money and time later on. We want to help you avoid a breakdown situation by encouraging you to have your system checked and maintained when it isn’t an emergency. Not only do regular system checks help you prevent a surprise repair at the worst possible time, but also we have more time to work around your schedule. If maintenance, repairs or replacement is needed, it can be done when the weather is more reasonable and you have some time to evaluate your options. Let us help you get ready for another of Houston’s famously hot summers by making sure your air conditioner or heat pump is in tip top shape.